Couples therapists Intensive Supervision in Amsterdam

Couples therapists experience  a lot of influences on their own relationships from their couple clients. Couples therapists who work as a couple, and are also a couple in real life, experience these influences even more. These influences often occur as a result of the socalled parallelprocess: as therapists you feel what the clients are feeling. If you are not aware of this process you can easily think that you are really angry with your partner/colleague him- or herself, that you are lacking his/her attention, that you do not trust him/her etc.

All these influences can become difficult to cope with at times. But where do you go when you have problems with your life partner or your partner therapist? E.g. when you realize that you are missing the intimacy in your own relationship which you help other couples to reach? Or that you – as a result of the well-known parallel process –  are often very angry with your partner after a session and you cannot manage to step out of it? Or that you have a serious quarrel with your colleague/partner and still have to work together? Or that you have problems with the intimacy, which this work demands, with your colleague? etc. etc.

Where to go?

Do you go to the colleagues you know? Or do you not want them to know all the details of your relationship and you rather attempt to solve all the problems by yourself?

We, Wilfried Sluys and Marike de Valk, have worked together as couples therapists for more than 8 years now, for 3 to 4 days a week. We are close friends, but  are not in a relationship together. We each are in a personal relationship.

We are familiar with all the previously mentioned problems and more that can arise doing this work. Therefor we decided to offer a couples therapist intensive  supervision/therapy  for couples therapists who work together (with or without being in a personal relationship). During these sessions we will focus on the relationship between the two of you and how this will influence your work. Of course we will also assist couples therapists who work on their own and want to do some couples therapy with their own life partner.  Although our English is not perfect, we often give therapy in English and do not experience any language problems.  Marike is a qualified supervisor for Gestalt therapists, so you can receive supervision points for these sessions. If you want to read more about us: some of Marikes website is also available  in English. For other parts may you can use the google translationtool.

How often and where? (frequency and location)

We can make all kinds of arrangements, adjusted to your needs. We can make appointments from Monday till Thursday on a daily basis or as often as you prefer. We are also willing to work in (some) weekends. You can easily combine these (daily) sessions with a visit to Holland; the sessions will be in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam and Nijmegen. We could help you find a place of residence/lodging when required.


Since we think it is positive to experience what it is like to be a client from time to time, we will charge what you charge your own clients. A couples session with us  always takes 1,5 hour.


When you are interested, you can contact us by filling in this form and tell us how we can be of assistance. We will set up a program meeting your needs as much as possible. By the way: Dutch colleagues are also welcome :).